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Ethereum Services and Contracts are on the rise. The Community needs an series of systems configured to work directly with the block chain, and leverage the power of the technology. Ethix plans to deliver just that.

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Ethix Systems

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Ethix Systems leverages the full power of the Ethereum blockchain and delivers advanced applications into a consumer ready, friendly interface.

Ethix OS

Open sourced Debian based operating system which leverages the power of services resting on the Ethereum blockchain. Includes a supported repository for installation of the leading blockchain applications.

Ethix Node

Stores Swarm content hashes to redirect user requests to the correct file locations. Acts as a root node for hosting the location of configuration files built within the Ethix Platform.

Ethix Platform

Allows virtual instances to be built entirely in a decentralized cloud using existing services on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethix OS

Ethereum Services and Contracts are on the rise. The Community needs an operating system configured to work directly with the block chain, and leverage the power of the technology. Ethix OS plans to deliver just that.

Ethix OS

Ethix OS authenticates into a user account with a UTC file and the corresponding password. Once logged in, a user can choose to further login into a organizational domain with an additional UTC file, if required.

The Ethix OS automatically connects to the Ethereum network as a node. The UTC file authentication is able to perform Ethereum transactions required for services on the users behalf after permission is granted. This enables the installed host to have virtually unlimited resources as long as there is a balance of ETX.

Ethix Node

An Ethix Nodes main function will be to redirect requests for global logins, and provide redirect requests to make a functional virtual instance resting entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Virtual Instance

Dynamic Website

  • Creator UTC Account - 0x7kd28d...
  • Fueled Address - 0x539Hh1...
  • Manifest Address - 0x9D89QZ...
Global Login

Ethix OS

  • UTC Account - 0xJjd37d
  • Content Hash - 0xC8v2nH
  • .
Virtual Instance

Static Website

  • Creator UTC Account - 0x3Bsl24...
  • Fueled Address - 0x8h36dJ...
  • Manifest Address - 0x6hAldj...

Ethix Platform

The Ethix Platform will be a interface accessed which allows users to set up decentralized virtual servers using only Ethereum services. The platform can be used to create, manage, and destroy any virtual instances, domains, or other configurations.

Organizational Domains

Users can create organizational domains within the Ethix Platform. Organizational domains are created within a Ethereum Address, and require additional authentication into that domain (the addresses UTC file). Both the UTC file of the user, and UTC file of the domain will be required for login into the organization.

Global Logins

User Ethix OS accounts by default store files on the local system encrypted with a UTC file, and overflows additional storage into swarm when extra space is needed. By enabling Global Logins, a users files is stored entirely on the swarm, allowing a user to login to their UTC account from any computer in the world running Ethix OS. Files for configuration would simply be fetched from the correct swarm content hash.

Virtual Instances

Build a virtual instance through the Ethix Platform. Instances can include static websites, up to a full automated virtual server. Instances will remain fully functional untill either the UTC user who created the instance destroys it, or the payment for the instance in ETX reaches 0.

Low Cost

Ethereum services costs are determined be the people who support the given network themselves. The price for the service (dVPN, Storage, Processing Power, ect.) is decentralized, which has been proven to be more cost effective then centralized organizations.

Ethereum Service Intergrations

Ethereum Service Integrations provide decentralized resources for instances and extended resources to be built upon.



Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service, a native base layer service of the Ethereum web 3 stack. Swarm provides extended storage for Ethix OS, and provides data storage for running instances on the Ethix Platform.



UTC Key is used to login to a user's Ethix OS and Ethix Platform account. Data stored on the Swarm from the Ethix OS is encrypted with the UTC file, providing safe public storage for user's. The UTC also allows payments to be made in the back frame for integrated services.



Golem is a world-wide supercomputer network. Golem provides the Ethix OS with extended processing power and enables the Ethix Platform to run instances requiring server side processing.

Mysterium Network

Mysterium Network

Mysterium Network is a Decentralized VPN (dVPN). Ethix OS enables dVPN to be integrated into the core, resulting in a completely anonymous system a click away.



0x is a Token trading protocol. 0x allows Ethix to trade on-the-fly between ETX to any other token in order to pay for services. 0x also is used to provide a decentralized trading experience.



Civic provides optional identity on the block chain. With civic, identity can be attached to a Ethereum address, and purchases can be made that may require identity.

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